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Majority Leader cites CWS letter in OSHA Volks CRA remarks

“As the Coalition for Workplace Safety recently pointed out, this regulation does ‘nothing to improve worker health and safety,’ it ‘directly contradicts both clear statutory language and two U.S. Court of Appeals rulings,’ and it also represents ‘one of the most egregious end runs around Congress’ power to write the laws.’ The Majority Leader’s comments […]

NOTE: CWS Speaks To Ed/Labor Hearing On Miner Safety and Health Act

Tomorrow, Jonathan Snare of the Morgan Lewis law firm will testify on behalf of the House Education and Labor Committee hearing on the Miner Safety and Health Act, H.R. 5663. Here’s how the Committee Majority describes the hearing: H.R. 5663 will bring our nation’s mine health and safety laws up to date, give MSHA the […]

Three P’s And Stakeholder Meetings

On April 26 the spring regulatory agenda was published in the Federal Register. DOL is now using a unifying theme of “Plan/Prevent/Protect” to describe their overall strategy to enforcing laws such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, ERISA, and the Mine Safety and Health Act. Perhaps the signature example […]

Engineering PAWA Improvements

The American Society of Safety Engineers is urging Congress to revise the Protecting America’s Workers Act in the proposed changes to employer penalties for workplace safety violations, according to the Bureau of National Affairs’ Daily Labor Report. The first issue noted by BNA is the bill’s term of “willful” violations: If the term “willful” is […]