CWS Urges Senate to Hold Hearing, Confirm OSHRC Nominees Immediately

On June 5, President Biden nominated Mark Eskenazi to serve as a member of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC). CWS urges the Senate to quickly hold a confirmation hearing on his nomination.

OSHRC has not had a working quorum since April 2023. Amanda Wood Laihow was nominated to serve on OSHRC in July 2023, and her nomination passed out of Committee in October.  CWS sent a letter to the Senate HELP Committee in October 2023 supporting Wood Laihow’s nomination.

Now that Eskenazi and Wood Laihow’s nominations are before the Senate for its consideration, CWS urges the Senate to take the steps necessary to get OSHRC the support it needs to carry out its responsibilities as soon as possible.