Biden Issues Executive Order Calling for Second COVID-19 ETS

September 9, 2021

On September 9, President Biden announced his six-pronged, comprehensive national strategy to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. This included a significant escalation of his efforts to get the eligible population vaccinated against the virus. One piece of this plan includes a new emergency temporary standard from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that will require employers with…

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CWS Files Comments on OSHA COVID-19 ETS for Healthcare Industry

August 20, 2021

On August 20, CWS filed comments on OSHA’s COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard for the healthcare industry. CWS raised several issues with OSHA’s decision and process for implementing the ETS: OSHA’s process was flawed and did not provide adequate opportunity for input; OSHA has not satisfied the statutory requirements for “grave danger” or “necessity”; Several provisions exceed OSHA’s statutory authority, including…

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OSHA Issues Guidance on How to Protect Unvaccinated Workers

August 13, 2021

On August 13, OSHA announced updated guidance for employers on how to best protect their unvaccinated workers. The guidance: Recommends that fully vaccinated workers in areas of substantial or high community transmission wear masks in order to protect unvaccinated workers; Recommends that fully vaccinated workers who have close contacts with people with coronavirus wear masks…

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OSHA Issues ETS for Healthcare Industry, Updates General Guidance

June 10, 2021

On June 10, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ETS specifically targets the healthcare industry and the high exposure rates associated with those occupations. This includes “employees in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; emergency responders; home health care workers; and employees in ambulatory…

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OSHA FAQ on Recording Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine

May 24, 2021

On Friday, May 21, OSHA altered its FAQ on recording requirements related to adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination. OSHA explains that the agency “does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts.” Therefore, the agency will not require employers…

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CWS Statement on CDC Mask Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated

May 17, 2021

On May 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance on fully vaccinated individuals. The guidance now clarifies that individuals who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 “no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules,…

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CWS Meets with OIRA on OSHA’s COVID-19 ETS

May 13, 2021

On May 4, 2021, representatives from CWS met with the Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs to discuss a potential COVID-19-related Emergency Temporary Standard from OSHA. While details of the ETS have not yet been released, CWS raised many of the employer community’s general concerns with a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to protecting workers during the…

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OSHA Launches National Emphasis Program on COVID-19

March 13, 2021

On March 12, 2021, OSHA announced a new National Emphasis Program “focusing enforcement efforts on companies that put the largest number of workers at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus.” The program also “prioritizes employers that retaliate against workers for complaints about unsafe or unhealthy conditions, or for exercising other rights protected by federal law.”…

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OSHA Issues New Workplace COVID-19 Safety Guidance

January 30, 2021

On January 29, 2021, OSHA issued new workplace safety guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As OSHA explained in their press release, “This guidance contains recommendations as well as descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards. The recommendations are advisory in nature, informational in content, and are intended to assist employers in providing a safe and…

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Oregon OSHA Issues COVID-19 Safety Standard

November 9, 2020

On November 6, Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration enacted an emergency rule on COVID-19. Under the rule, employers will be required to conduct assessments on the risks their workers face in contracting COVID-19 in the workplace. They will also be required to have an infection control plan in place.   The rule will go into effect…

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